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MHC-V71D High-Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth® Technology

  • Rs. 41,990.00

Beats, rhythms and lights

Hear clear, powerful sound in every corner of the party, and light up the night with 360° party lights. Then drum along to all your favourite tracks with Taiko mode, and even go head-to-head with friends to see who's got the best rhythm.

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Taiko mode logo

Drop a beat with Taiko mode

Drum along to the music — just tap the touch panel. Play against friends in Taiko Game mode.

NFC and Bluetooth® logos

Seamless streaming with NFC and BLUETOOTH®

Simply use NFC One-touch to make a Bluetooth® connection and get streaming instantly.

Man pushing the MHC-V71D along on its wheels

Roll with it

A handle and caster make it easy to roll the MHC-V71D from place to place.

Experience LIVE SOUND

Enjoy the same high-quality sound, wherever you are in the party. LIVE SOUND spreads sound through the venue, so everyone's dancing to the same beat.

360° Party Light

Light up every corner of the party space with a 360° party light, and enjoy an authentic nightclub or festival atmosphere.

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Play along to the beat with Taiko mode

Add your own drumming into the mix with Taiko mode and put your rhythm to the test when you play against friends in Taiko Game mode.

Unleash your inner pop star

Keep everyone entertained — with two mic inputs you and your guests can go head-to-head singing along to your favourite tunes. Add a rock and roll layer by alternatively connecting a guitar to one of the inputs and using the system as a guitar amp. Enjoy three modes — Clean for clear sound, Overdrive for distorted guitar sound and Bass for your bass guitar. 

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