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QD-G32A Memory Card (4K Including Card Reader)

  • Rs. 5,700.00

Fast recording media for professional use

Sony XQD G Series has a reading speed of 400MB/s and a writing speed of 350MB/s*.
* Based on Sony internal testing. Transfer speed may vary and depend on host device

High capacity storage

The XQD G Series is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB.

Increasing performance

Sony XQD G Series dramatically enhances the capabilities of high-speed burst shooting with DSLR cameras. A Sony unique Speed-Degradation Avoiding Function enables stable recording with 4K video cameras.

Safe and reliable media

The XQD cards are tough enough for extreme conditions and on-location filming. They also feature Sony’s intelligent controllers possessing wear levelling, error correction code and data refresh functions.

A dedicated USB3.0 adapter is included.

 Compatible with PXW-Z100, PXW-FS7, FDR-AX1 + Nikon D4 (RAW/video)

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