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  • Rs. 12,775.00

The STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet offers a quality monochrome display and 396x100 pixel resolution. With a small, compact and durable design, this signature tablet is suited for businesses that accept customer signatures.

Its elegant, ergonomic design is perfect for customer-facing transactions because the signature can be viewed as a user is writing on screen. Pens are cordless, battery-free and require no maintenance. A tether is provided to prevent loss.

The sensor registers relevant biometric information about the signature, such as data coordinates and pressure sensitivity and results in a unique biometric signature profile from a user’s unique variables like pressure profile, writing rhythm, and writing speed.

Package Contents

  • STU-300 LCD signature tablet
  • Cordless, battery-free pen
  • Nylon pen tether
  • USB data cable
  • User Manual
  • Display size: 4.1"
  • Display technology: F-STN , monchrome, reflective 
  • Pen pressure: 512
  • Response Rate: 200 points/sec
  • Size: 156 X 127X 17 mm

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