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V83D High-Power Party Speaker with BLUETOOTH® Technology

  • Rs. 63,990.00
  • Save Rs. 10,000

Pack the dancefloor with stunning sound

Dance and sing along to your favourite tracks wherever you are in your venue. With four High-efficiency Tweeters, High-efficiency Mid-range Drivers and angled Mid-range Drivers, your parties will be booming with powerful, vibrant sound and direct clear vocals to please every partygoer.

Bigger sound with Omnidirectional Party Sound

Bring the party to everyone, no matter where they are at your venue. With Omnidirectional Party Sound, created by High-efficiency Tweeters, High-efficiency Mid-range and angled Mid-range Drivers, your music will reach everyone at your party, whether they are standing or sitting, singing
or dancing.

Four High-efficiency Tweeters will completely fill your venue

The four upward-facing High-efficiency Tweeters that use horn tweeters, two on the front and two on the back of the unit, expand the soundstage and increase the sound pressure level upwards, spreading the sound around whatever venue you choose.

Feel the beat at long distances with JET BASS BOOSTER

A tapered bass reflex duct structure concentrates the airflow of the bass sound, so you can hear it clearly and feel it physically, wherever you are in the crowd and over long distances.


  • Omnidirectional party sound
  • Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light
  • Party Playlist and Karaoke Ranking, via Fiestable
  • Integrated DVD player with HDMI™ output
  • Gesture control for fun and easy operation

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