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WI-SP600N Sports Wireless Noise Cancelling In-ear Headphones WI-SP600N

  • Rs. 9,990.00

Designed for wireless movement 

Work out without wires holding you back. A lightweight design makes these wireless sports headphones comfortable, secure and discreet to wear, whether you're training or out and about2

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • White
Bluetooth® logo

BLUETOOTH® connection   

Enjoy wireless playback with Bluetooth® connectivity.

NFC logo

NFC One-touch listening  

Touch your NFC-enabled devices to the on-body N-mark for a quick connection. 

Just you and the music with Digital Noise Cancelling 

When you need that special playlist to take your workout to the next level, digital noise cancelling technology blocks out distractions, like the sounds of the gym. So it's just you and the beat. 

Stay aware with Ambient Sound Mode

Ambient Sound Mode keeps you in the moment while you're moving. Mixing the music you love with the sounds of your environment, enjoy your favourite tracks and still hear your workout buddy or stay aware of your surroundings when running outside.  

Ambient sound (normal)

Ambient sound (voice)

Be workout-ready 

Comfortable, secure and sweat-proof, the WI-SP600N headphones are ready to take on anything. 

IPX4 splash- and sweat-proof rating

Yes to music, no to sweat 

With an IPX4 rating, splashes and sweat won't stop these headphones—or your workout.  

Secure fitting earbuds

You move, your headphones don't  

Extensively tested in real workouts, these earbuds come in four sizes for a secure fit that adjusts to your ears. Plus, an arc support fitting makes sure they stay comfortably in place.

One button to change settings

The perfect settings with two taps of a button 

Choose your favourite settings for Noise Cancelling and Ambient Sound Mode with Quick Sound Settings in the Sony | Headphones Connect app. And activate them instantly with two taps of the headphone button. 

Punchier basslines with EXTRA BASS™

Boost your beats — and your performance. EXTRA BASS™ delivers powerful, punchy low-end sound, giving you the drive to keep going.


Enjoy wireless freedom 

Take calls, make calls and talk to voice assistants without having to stop what you're doing. 

Hands-free calls button

One button, hands-free

With hands-free calling, you can leave your phone where it is and take calls with the touch of a button thanks to a built-in microphone. 

Be smarter with Voice Assistant

Manage your day, simply by asking your assistant3. Enjoy entertainment, connect with friends, get information, listen to music and notifications, set reminders and more4.

6 hours of battery life

Up to 6 hours of battery life

Get in a few trips to the gym without having to power up, thanks to up to 6 hours of playback from a single charge.

Enjoy your favourite workout tunes without distraction. The WI-SP600N wireless in-ear headphones feature Ambient Sound Mode to blend your music with the sounds of your environment, plus Noise Cancelling technology to block out distractions. With a lightweight design and an arc fitting support to make sure your ear-buds stay in place.
  •  Digital Noise Cancelling lets you hear what you want

  •  Ambient Sound Mode lets you hear essential sounds

  •  Wireless freedom with Bluetooth® technology and NFC

  •  Lightweight behind-the-neck design with secure fitting

  •  EXTRA BASS™ sound with deep, punchy low end

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