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Wide-Angle - ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS

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Wide-Angle - ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS
Entering a new era of smartphone photography.
The ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS wide-angle accessory lens with the ZEISS MutarTM optical design impresses with its modern, elegant and intuitive product design. It forms a product family together with the macro-zoom and telephoto accessory lenses. Thanks to its intricate and newly developed aspheric optical design, this accessory lens (field angle factor 0.6x) features edge-to-edge contrast rendition that's one of a kind. Not only is chromatic aberration corrected, but bright-dark transitions in the image and, in particular, highlights are largely free from colored artifacts. The T*® anti-reflective coating from ZEISS ensures improved light transmission and minimizes the reflection on glass-to-air contact surfaces.

Protection against dust and spray water makes the ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS wide-angle accessory lens perfect for the challenges of outdoor use. No matter if you are photographing landscapes, architecture or narrow interior spaces – this wide-angle accessory lens rises to the challenge every time.


Aspheric optical design
ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS: The optics in a modern aspheric design are almost distortion-free, without chromatic aberration and deliver excellent contrast across the entire image field. The aspheric lens technology of the wide-angle and telephoto accessory lenses used to be reserved for high-quality SLR lenses. This ensures unique image quality unmatched by any other accessory lenses for smartphones.

T* anti-reflective coating from ZEISS
ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS: All ZEISS lens element surfaces are equipped with a proven T*® anti-reflective coating which increases transmission, enabling brilliant images even in unfavorable light conditions. Very thin, transparent coatings are applied to the surfaces of the lens elements to make them anti-reflective. One by one, special substances are vaporized with very high energy in a high vacuum. These are then deposited on the glass surface in layers with precisely controlled thicknesses to achieve the desired reflection reduction. The first coatings were already being applied by ZEISS in the 1930s.

ExoLens® Mounting Solutions
ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS: ExoLens® offers three tailor-made, smartphone-specific lens mounting solutions. Bracket and Edge are two mounting solutions made from precision machined aluminum that feature an integrated cold shoe mount for attaching additional components such as an external light source. The Bracket additionally has an integrated standard tripod mount (1/4”-20). Edge features an additional key ring hole for convenient carrying when not in use. With their soft interior liners they ensure the perfect fit and protect your smartphone from scratches. The third mounting solution is called Case and is an ultra-durable everyday case that protects your smartphone against drops. At the same time, it offers the possibility to mount the ExoLens® PRO with Optics by ZEISS accessory lenses whenever you want.

An innovative product design
ExoLens PRO with Optics by ZEISS: An innovative product design that ensures optimal ease-of-use and meets the highest aesthetic standards: even the lens hood, normally an accessory, is integrated seamlessly into the lens body and can be detached and attached the other way around for transportation. The high-quality and trustworthy workmanship of the accessory lens ensures reliable protection against dust and spray water.


Wide-angle accessory lens Wide-angle in combination with smartphone
Available brackets for smartphones
  iPhone 1) 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6sPlus
Optical design ZEISS Mutar  
Field angle factor 0.6x  
Lens elements/groups 4/4  
Front thread (vignetting possible when using accessories) M40.5 x 0.5  
Diameter (without/with lens hood) 44 mm/60 mm  
Length (without/with lens hood) 29 mm/38 mm  
Weight (without/with lens hood) 83 g/90 g  
Focal length 18 mm 2)
Focusing range   0.05 m – ∞
Image field (diag.) 2) 100 °
Coverage at close range (MOD) 2)   ø 68 mm
Magnification ratio at minimum object distance 2)   approx. 1:11 

1) iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc.
2) Assuming the following optical parameters of the smartphone camera: full-frame format (36 x 24 mm) equivalent focal length f = 28 mm, sensor diagonal = 6 mm, minimum object distance MOD = 80 mm, magnification ration at minimum object distance approx. 1:17


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