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Sony 98-inch FW-98BZ50L 4K HDR Professional Display - Ultra HD, High Brightness and Smart Features for Corporate and Retail Spaces

  • Rs. 1,800,000.00
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Discover the Sony 98-inch FW-98BZ50L, the ultimate 4K HDR Professional Display with Ultra HD resolution and exceptional brightness. Ideal for corporate display and digital signage in retail environments.

BZ50L in large open plan reception space with high definition display

Product Overview

Experience an extraordinary visual journey with Sony's largest and brightest BRAVIA, perfect for your corporate display and retail digital signage needs. The 98-inch FW-98BZ50L is an Ultra HD 4K HDR Professional Display that boasts 780 nit brightness, Full Array Local Dimming, and Sony's cutting-edge Cognitive Processor XR™ technology.

Image of Sony screen with a forest in the background.

Key Features

  • Incredible Brightness: Exceptional 780 nit high brightness display, peaking at 1500 nits for standout visibility in retail and corporate settings.
  • Unmatched Motion Clarity: 4K 120Hz panel with XR Motion Clarity™ ensures smooth and realistic fast-paced scenes. Perfect for sports bars, corporate presentations, and digital signage.
  • Cognitive Processor XR™: Experience unparalleled Ultra HD resolution and smart features with the world’s first picture processor that understands human perception.
  • Flexible Installation: Designed for retail and corporate display, easily install in portrait or landscape orientation. Weighs 20kg less than previous models, facilitating easier and safer handling.

Robust Usability

The BRAVIA FW-98BZ50L contains a host of useful functions for business, such as purpose driven applications and setting customization to make daily work more efficient.

Screen showing easy to use settings for BZ50L

Professional Settings

BRAVIA makes doing business even easier, allowing you to fine-tune settings to suit the demands of corporate or retail environments. Disable input or remote control functions, remove labels and block buttons to avoid tampering when the screen’s being used in public spaces. Customise and store display settings, then copy them easily from display to display via USB flash memory.

Simple signage

Informing and guiding visitors with digital signage in retail stores and corporate spaces has never been easier. On-board BRAVIA Signage Free (BSF) software automatically plays out HTML content, video and photos copied onto a USB stick memory when it’s slipped into BRAVIA. It’s that simple.

BZ50L in car showroom entrance with product on display

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