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Condenser microphone for home studio recording C-80

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The C-80 is a unidirectional condenser microphone that can be used for a variety of recording projects in a home studio, including vocals, spoken word, and acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano.

Large capsule captures superior sound presence

Featuring the same diaphragm material as our legendary C-800G tube condenser microphone, and with a capsule based on the unique high-resolution large capsule C-100—both revered tools in the world's best studios—the C-80 is built from sound design pedigree. The C-80's characteristic peak around 13 kHz delivers outstanding vocal presence in any mix, as well as capturing the fullness of acoustic instruments.

Image of the Sony C-80 Uni-directional condenser microphone in its stand featuring its diaphragm on a grey background

Dual diaphragms reduce the proximity effect

Natural vocal and voice recording is possible even when vocalisation is delivered close to the microphone. A low-cut filter eliminates unwanted low-frequency noise and a pad-switch function minimises distortion caused by excessive input sound. Both are built-in for polished recordings in a home studio.

Image of the front of the Sony C-80 Uni-directional condenser microphone in its stand on a grey background

New technology for high-precision sound

Following the microphone capsule for the C-100, which has an established reputation for high sound quality, a new microphone capsule for the C-80 has been developed.

The acoustic impedance of the back plate has been reduced to achieve higher sensitivity. Insulation structure material made of high-strength, high-insulation polyetherimide (PEI) with high-precision resin machining is used for the capsule case and back electrode, and brass produced with high-precision machining is used for the capsule case and back electrode. The diaphragm membrane is coated with 24-carat gold vapour deposition. By assembling and processing these materials with great attention, a high-precision, high-purity, low-distortion sound is realised.


Close-up image of the of the Sony C-80 Uni-directional condenser microphone diaphragm

Capture your performance

Tight and rich mid-range capture provides a vocal sound with a clear core and presence, allowing vocals to stand out even when mixed with other instrumental sounds. The high frequency range reproduces even the finest nuances, such as delicate breathing. The overall straightforward and natural sound does not require complex post-processing.

Image of a lady singing into a Sony C-80 Uni-directional condenser microphone with a pop shield in front of it

Never miss a note

In recordings of acoustic guitars and pianos, the characteristics of the instruments, such as the scrape of guitar strings and the resonance of the body, are realistically reproduced with a firm, extended low-end and natural overall balance. The dynamic and dense sound also brings the instruments closer to the listener.

Image of a woman playing an acoustic guitar and recording with a Sony C-80 Uni-directional condenser microphone

Record your authentic voice

Natural and clear voice recording is achieved by suppressing boomy low frequency and noise when vocalisation is made close to the microphone. The forwards-focused directional characteristics and low-cut filter prevent the microphone from picking up ambient and low-frequency noise, making it suitable for live broadcasts.

Image of a man and a woman sitting at a table in a studio recording with Sony C-80 microphones.

  1. Large 25-mm microphone capsule emphasises the presence of sound.
  2. Dual-diaphragm structure suppresses proximity effect for stable recording and broadcast.
  3. Precision resin backplate, for reduced acoustic impedance and high sensitivity.
  4. Rich mid-range characteristics ensure a precise vocal pickup.
  5. Extended low-end and natural sound provide a realistic reproduction of instruments.
  6. Switchable low-cut filter reduces the pickup of low-frequency and ambient noise.

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