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FE 85 mm F1.4 GM

  • Rs. 119,490.00
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The ultimate portrait prime

The perfect 85 mm F1.4 portrait lens with outstanding sharpness dissolving to magnificent bokeh.

FE 85 mm F1.4 GM compatibility

A new dimension of portrait performance

  • Ideal portrait performance
  • Superior resolution & bokeh
  • Natural rendering
  • Precision AF
  • Total Control

Lens Configuration

G Master series lenses take imaging and expression to previously unattainable levels with a stunning blend of extremely high resolution and softly dissolving background bokeh.

  • Extreme aspherical lens (XA lens)

  • ED glass

Lens Configuration

MTF Chart

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.

Spatial frequency R T
10 line pairs / mm
30 line pairs / mm
  • R: Radial values
  • T: Tangential values
  • Max. aperture

    Contrast (%)

    MTF Chart

    Distance from optical centre of lens (mm)

  • F8 aperture

    Contrast (%)

    MTF Chart

    Distance from optical centre of lens (mm)

Lens Controls

Lens Controls
Lens Controls

1. Focusing ring / 2. Aperture ring / 3. Focus hold button / 4. Focus mode switch / 5. Mounting index / 6. Aperture click switch / 7. Hood release button

  •  Premium G Master Series Mid-range telephoto prime


  •  Bright F1.4 maximum aperture


  •  Circular 11-blade aperture for beautiful defocus effects


  •  Sony Nano AR Coating to eliminate flare and ghosting


  •  Dust and moisture resistant design


0.12 x
77 mm
820 g

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