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MHC-V90DW: High Power Music System with Party Lights and Karaoke MUTEKI

  • Rs. 73,990.00
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More music, more lights, more fun

Want to throw a bigger party? The MHC-V90DW has everything you need for an incredible night: club-style lights, fun party features and huge sound from 10 speakers. 

Huge sound for the whole dancefloor

Massive sound pressure. Far-reaching speakers. Epic bass and clear treble. At 170 cm tall, the MHC-V90DW delivers incredible sound right to the back of the dancefloor.

Reach the people at the back with angled speakers

Get every single person dancing, with help from the top speakers. The MHC-V90DW delivers high sound pressure, which provides a wider sound area and longer distance to fill the party environment with music.

Send sound further through horn-shaped speakers 

Want to fill a big space with your music? The MHC-V90DW has it covered. Each speaker has been carefully built with a horn-shaped design that pushes the sound over a longer distance.

Hear music everywhere, with the spread sound generator 

When a great tune is playing, you want to hear it from everywhere. The open-backed speaker cabinet lets sound spread out, so you can hear the music clearly from any angle.

Be the star of the party

Entertain the crowd with the MHC-V90DW's dedicated inputs for a microphone and guitar, so you can sing and play along to your favourite tunes. 

Be the DJ with Gesture Control

The built-in Gesture Control puts you in charge of fun features such as the DJ sampler and karaoke modes. Make club sound effects with a simple swipe or control music playback by flicking or rotating the wheel.

Run everything from the dancefloor

The Sony | Music Center app lets you control music and sound settings straight from your phone. The Fiestable plug-in puts you in charge of the light colours and lets you adjust EQ or activate DJ and karaoke modes. Make changes with a flick of your wrist, thanks to the intuitive motion control.

Your movies, now with extra drama

The built-in DVD player lets you enjoy your favourite movies with powerful sound from the MHC-V90DW. Just pop in a disc and use the HDMI output to send the video signal to your TV or projector.

Tilt and roll for easy transport

Whenever you want to move the MHC-V90DW, just hold the convenient carry handle and tilt it back. A sturdy caster lets you roll all the way to the party.

Add extra speakers, without extra wires

Want to boost your volume? Connect up to 10 compatible speakers with Wireless Party Chain for even more audio power. It's all done over Wi-Fi, so you don't need to use any connecting cables.


  • 170-cm tall speaker stack for spread-out sound
  • Party lighting, speaker lighting and DJ effects with Fiestable app
  • Integrated DVD player with HDMI out
  • Gesture control and motion control via smartphone makes managing music easy
  • Handle and caster for convenient transport


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