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Sony ECM-G1 Shotgun Microphone, Super-Cardioid, Compact with High-Quality Sound

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Product Description

Sony ECM-G1 is Versatile Microphone which is Ideal for Vlogging/content creation and Offers High Quality Sound Anywhere, Anytime. With it's large diameter of 14.6 mm & super cardioid it can suppress noise while having clear crystal sound from front. The cable-free, battery-free operation makes it best for travel & outdoor shoots as it's only 34 gms.

  • Clear Sound Collection while suppressing noise (Large diameter 14.6 mm)
  • Front Sound Collection by Super Cardiod
  • Microphone Out Jack for Wide Compatibility
  • Cable & Battery Free Operation
  • Wind Screen to reduce wind noise. Supplied with Microphone.

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