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Macro-Zoom - ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS

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Macro-Zoom - ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS
Entering a new era of smartphone photography.
Along with the wide-angle and telephoto accessory lenses, the macro-zoom lens belongs to the ExoLens® with Optics by ZEISS product family. The optical design of the accessory lens is called Vario-ProxarTM and comes equipped with the trusted T*® anti-reflective coating from ZEISS. It also offers outstanding edge-to-edge contrast across the entire image field as well as virtually no distortion or chromatic aberration.

The macro-zoom lens with a focal length of 40 to 80 millimeters is the first and only smartphone accessory lens with a variable focal length setting. In combination with the optics of the smartphone camera, turning the ring does not increase or reduce the field of view. The ring functions much like a manual focus with which different planes can be set into focus. Depending on the setting, objects that are three to five centimeters away or five to eight centimeters away can be captured, enabling the full-frame razor-sharp capture of objects approximately three to twelve centimeters in size using the macro-zoom lens.

The supplied detachable semi-transparent diffuser can be used as a spacer. This ensures that the object is illuminated evenly and enables convenient focusing, even with a short object distance and a shallow depth of field.


  • Variable focal length setting: ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
  • High-level optical performance for the close-up range: ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
  • T* anti-reflective coating from ZEISS: ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
  • ExoLens bracket: ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
  • An innovative product design: ExoLens with Optics by ZEISS
  Macro-zoom accessory lens Macro-zoom in combination with smartphone
Available brackets for smartphones   iPhone 1) 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 6sPlus
Optical design ZEISS Vario-Proxar  
Lens elements/groups 3/2  
Diameter (without/with lens hood) 34 mm/39 mm  
Length (without/with lens hood) 12.5 mm/23.2 mm  
Weight (without/with lens hood) 41 g/48 g  
Focal length 40 – 80 mm approx. 24 – 27 mm2)
Focusing range   30 – 78 mm
Image field (diag.) 2)   approx. 79° – 76°
Coverage at close range (MOD) 2)   ø 35.6 mm (near)
ø 111.3 mm (far)
Magnification ratio at minimum object distance 2)   approx. 1:6 (near)
approx. 1:18 (far)

 1) iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc. 

2) Assuming the following optical parameters of the smartphone camera: full-frame format (36 x 24 mm) equivalent focal length f = 28 mm, sensor diagonal = 6 mm, minimum object distance MOD = 80 mm, magnification ration at minimum object distance approx. 1:17

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